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ALIMET® has 88% activity by weight and is 100 percent bioavailable. ALIMET feed supplement is proven to be an effective source of methionine activity. In addition to proven performance, ALIMET delivers an organic acid effect, reduces nitrogen excretions and supports performance during heat stress.

All methionine sources are not created equal. The forms and types of amino acids available commercially vary not only in their methionine density, but also in uptake and response in the target animal. Bioavailability has a major bearing on the overall nutritional value of the amino acid product used.

Feeding ALIMET feed supplement in livestock and poultry rations as a methionine source has been shown to:

  • Optimize Growth Rates
  • Reduce Condemnation Rates
  • Optimize Meat Yield

Products not available in all regions. Speak with a Novus representative for details.