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NEXT ENHANCE® essential oil products enhance the appetite of fish, poultry, swine & ruminants to support their well-being. They are based on a patented formulation and protection system which optimizes product fluidity, stability and efficacy. The active ingredients are surrounded by a protective matrix to assure a controlled release of the active substances in the gastro-intestinal tract, promoting a healthy gut environment. In case of ruminants, the special formulation technology protects the essential oils from breakdown in the rumen for optimal impact. NEXT ENHANCE® consistently improves feeding efficiency and animal performance.

The active substances in NEXT ENHANCE essential oil products support the overall health of animals due to a more efficient utilization of feedstuffs.

Thymol & Carvacrol

  • support a healthy gut microflora
  • enhance mucosal protection
  • enhance immune response
  • boosts animal performance as seen in improved feed conversion

The plant extracts garlic oil and cinnamaldehyde improve rumen fermentation in dairy cattle which results in a more efficient use of energy and nitrogen:

  • increased milk & meat production: more metabolizable protein available for the animal
  • better environmental footprint: reduction of methane & ammonia production

The NEXT ENHANCE essential oil products are easy to handle and stable under pelleting, expanding and extruding conditions making them perfectly suited for feed mills and on-farm applications.

Products not available in all regions. Speak with a Novus representative for details.

NEXT ENHANCE® 150 logo

NEXT ENHANCE® 150 is a premixture based on a standardized combination of thymol and carvacrol, specially formulated to enhance the appetite of aquatic species, poultry, swine and starter calves and support the well-being of these animals. The herbal taste sensation supports feed utilization and oxidative balance.

NEXT ENHANCE® 150 Premix logo

NEXT ENHANCE® 150 Premix is a premixture specially formulated to more efficiently utilize feedstuff of starter calves and aquatic species and support oxidative balance. It promotes an optimal gut flora equilibrium in the lower gut which contributes to an enhanced support against pathogenic disease

NEXT ENHANCE® 300 logo

NEXT ENHANCE® 300 is a premixture containing a standardized combination of garlic oil and cinnamaldehyde, specially formulated to enhance the appetite of dairy cattle, beef , goats and sheep especially during periods of stress challenge. It helps maintain rumen fermentation so dietary protein and carbohydrates are more efficiently utilized.

Dairy cows:

  • Increased milk production
  • More milk fat & protein content
  • Decreases negative production parameters (SCC, MUN,…)