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Current Activities

Engaging with Stakeholders

Novus uses a platform called Novus Forum platform to engage with customers, key opinion leaders and industry partners to further this discussion. These forums take place in the five Novus regions, as well as specific customer visits to global headquarters. These are important activities for Novus, as they help to calibrate the Company’s activities with stakeholder desires.

Supporting the Talent Pipeline

Investing in the Future of Agriculture

Novus partners with top agricultural universities around the world to offer outstanding students an opportunity to enhance their knowledge with a research internship at the Novus headquarters. Eight students participated in 2015, the ninth year of the Novus Graduate Scholars program.

Novus Interns
Fostering Experience

Novus maintains an annual internship program for young professionals looking to enter the workforce. These individuals hold positions in various departments from research to finance, all receiving valuable insight into the agriculture industry and the animal nutrition business.

IFIF Sustainability Consortium

Supporting the Industry

SFIS Project

Novus is a member of the Specialty Feed Ingredients Sustainability (SFIS) project. The project team conducted a life-cycle assessment, which shows the environmental benefits of using specialty feed ingredients like amino acids and a phytase enzyme.

The Sustainability Consortium® (TSC)

The Sustainability Consortium brings together multiple levels of the supply chain to ensure sustainability challenges are being met at all stages. It is important for Novus to be a part of such a holistic solution to animal agriculture sustainability, as the Company’s products have influence throughout the value chain. Individual companies can use the Consortium’s tools to evaluate the sustainability impacts of their own supply chains.

Human Health & Nutrition

Though Novus’s primary focus is animal health and nutrition, the health and well-being of humans, our consumers, is equally important.