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Novus Triple S Bottomline

Novus’s Triple S Bottomline honors our commitment to Solutions, Service and Sustainability.

Solutions and Novus

Novus has pledged to answer customer pains and industry issues by providing solutions. This pledge comes from our rich legacy of providing innovative total management solutions that optimize livestock and poultry production, addressing just about any challenges nutritionists and producers face. We are committed to reducing feed costs, optimizing gut health and supporting a greater plane of nutrition for livestock and poultry production globally.

  • Feed Cost Reduction — Helping Producers Target Their Largest Input Cost--Feed
  • Gut Health Optimization — Supporting Health Through Nutrition Backed By Research
  • Tissue Integrity and Health — Feeding Livestock and Poultry to Their Genetic Potential

Service and Novus

Service is central to Novus’s presence in the market as it embodies our interaction with customers, business partners and our communities. Service is multi-dimensional and our approach is to think globally and act locally. Whether providing superior customer service in applying solutions to support our customers in dealing with their many challenges, or working one-on-one in communities we serve, Novus believes in a hands-on working relationship to serve. Our service pledge to all of our stakeholders is a promise of professional, knowledgeable and friendly service and support from people with appropriate backgrounds, training, understanding and commitment to the solutions and markets we participate in around the globe.

  • Customer Service — Professional, Knowledgeable and Friendly Service and Support
  • Community Service — Locally Experienced in Communities Where We Do Business
  • Industry Service — Addressing Industry Challenges Around the Globe

Sustainability and Novus

Novus is driven by a vision of helping feed the world affordable, wholesome food so they can achieve a higher quality of life. This ambition is ingrained in our culture and is a driving force in our mission to make a difference in sustainably meeting the growing global need for nutrition and health. Sustainability is a priority for Novus and is a mindset that permeates throughout our operations. We have a social, environmental and economic obligation to deliver products, services and programs that ensure a sustainable future for all of us.

  • Social Sustainability — Helping Producers Meet Global Food Needs
  • Environmental Sustainability — Protecting Against Excess Nutrients
  • Economic Sustainability — Optimizing Nutrient Utilization for Return on Investment