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ALIMET® feed supplement is the methionine source that works better. It has 88% methionine activity and is 100 percent absorbed by the animal. But there is more. The benefits of ALIMET go beyond it being a methionine source, including:

  • Antioxidant effect in the feed
  • Maintained performance during heat stress
  • Energy savings in the feed mill
  • Increased feed intake

These added benefits have been shown to impact performance and health measurements in poultry, including:

  • Percent livability
  • Days to six pounds of live weight
  • Caloric energy needed to reach six pounds of live weight
  • Meat yield
  • Condemnation rates

All methionine sources are not created equal. The forms and types of amino acids that are commercially available vary not only in their methionine density, but also in their added benefits. ALIMET works better.