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For nearly five decades, the research team at Novus has been developing and improving nutritional solutions for the beef and dairy industries. The Novus team has solutions for optimizing nutrient utilization and improving reproduction, as well as other challenges producers may face.

MFP® feed supplement offers the benefits of methionine supplementation in dry form and contains cherry flavoring to improve palatability. MFP is an effective source of methionine activity and delivers a naturally occurring precursor of L-methionine called HMTBa. The effect of HMTBa on improving microbial protein synthesis in the rumen and supplying methionine to the animal is promotion of milk, fat and protein yield in lactating cows. During the close-up period, HMTBa alleviates dry matter intake depression and bolsters gain and feed efficiency in growing cattle.

As the world’s most popular liquid methionine solution, using ALIMET® provides producers with better blending and handling than DL-methionine products. MFP feed supplement offers the benefits of ALIMET supplementation in dry form with enhanced flavoring to improve palatability. MFP mixes and handles easily in the mill and can be incorporated at any level in straight mineral mixes and protein mixes or with products high in fat, such as propylene glycol.