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MHA® feed supplement is the dry granular formulation of ALIMET®- the methionine source that works better. It has 84% methionine activity and is 100% absorbed by the animal. MHA shares many of the same benefits of ALIMET that go beyond it being just a source of methionine, including:

  • Antibacterial and antioxidant effects in the feed
  • Organic source of calcium
  • Maintained performance during heat stress
  • Increased feed intake

MHA is equally effective for poultry and livestock diets. Because of its dry granular powder form, it is the leading source of HMTBa inclusions in premixes and farm feed mills.

All methionine sources are not created equal. The forms and types of amino acids that are commercially available vary not only in their methionine density, but also in their added benefits. ALIMET works better.