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Poor piglet growth, high sow replacement rates, and high feed ingredient prices are realities the pork industry faces every day. But that's not all. There also are varying qualities of feed ingredients, animal health challenges, and changes in livestock policies and regulations like the reduction of antibiotics in pork production that pose consistent challenges to producers.

Every day is different, so it is important to partner with those who stay one step ahead. Novus is committed to delivering the health and nutrition solutions pork producers need to achieve desired production goals in the face of industry challenges.

Novus's portfolio of products and programs are designed to support producers in all aspects of production, playing a vital role in optimizing performance, efficiency, sustainability and profitability.


Providing science-based nutrition solutions that maximize pounds of pork per inventoried sow and each animal's genetic potential at every life stage. To see the latest on Scale Up™, visit our webpage.



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