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The truth for all producers – profitable production begins with healthy animals. Gut health is a concern that is common across all species of animal production from cattle, to swine to poultry to aquaculture. A healthy digestive system leads to better nutrient absorption, optimal feed utilization and improved animal performance.

The NEXT ENHANCE® family of products are specially formulated to promote a healthy gut environment producing healthier animals. They also are protected by NaturCoat™, a microencapsulation system that assures controlled release in the digestive tract for optimal impact.

The active ingredients in the NEXT ENHANCE 300 include garlic oil and cinnamaldehyde. Garlic oil can help enhance propionate production. Cinnamaldehyde slows down the breakdown of peptides and amino acids which results in increased availability of peptides and amino acids with lower ammonia production. As a result, a waste product and pollutant is reduced and protein utilization is increased. The net result is more metabolizable protein delivered to the small intestine. Together, these two plant ingredients affect rumen fermentation to improve the efficiency of energy and nitrogen utilization. The overall nutritional situation and health of the animal improves due to more efficient utilization of feedstuffs.

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NEXT ENHANCE® 300 feed ingredient premixture is a combination of active plant components – garlic oil and cinnamaldehyde - formulated and protected by a patented matrix system. This product maintains the animal's appetite, especially during periods of stress, and helps maintain rumen fermentation so dietary protein and carbohydrates are more efficiently utilized.