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Novus Quality System

Novus is committed to delivering complete animal health and nutrition solutions each and every day. Part of that dedication is ensuring we provide the best quality products in the market, verified by science and proven in production. Products like MINTREX® and MAAC®. MINTREX and MAAC trace minerals are manufactured under the Novus Quality Management System, ensuring safe, high quality trace mineral solutions that consistently exceed stringent global standards.

The trace mineral production process begins with a strict examination of raw materials for undesirable contaminants such as heavy metals, dioxin and PCBs. The same quality commitment used to procure raw materials continues into production. Exacting processes controlled by time and temperature are qualified by Novus chemists and audited by Novus Quality Assurance to maintain a pure manufacturing environment. Highly trained Novus manufacturing managers review each batch record to assure compliance with prescribed procedures and control limits. Lastly, each and every lot of finished, outgoing MINTREX chelated trace minerals is tested using industry standards and Novus proprietary methods to guarantee compliance with rigorous specifications for purity and performance.

All MINTREX and MAAC chelated trace mineral manufacturing and packaging facilities are required to have one or more of the following certifications:


ISO 9001

ISO 22000


AFIA Safe Food/Safe Feed

FC 14000

ISO 14000

From qualification of suppliers to the procurement of the best raw materials to packaging to delivery of the finished product, the Novus Quality Management System creates optimal production conditions with systematic monitoring and controls at each step along the way producing a highly-effective product. For Novus customers, this means knowing MINTREX and MAAC trace minerals will perform exactly as they should, every time.