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Palatability and stimulating feed intake are important aspects of supporting animal performance and well-being. Consistent feed intake leads to a healthy digestive system which leads to better nutrient absorption, optimal feed use, and supports overall animal performance. Animals can be very sensitive to the taste and texture of feeds. A highly palatable feed helps ensure animals consume the correct diet at every feeding.

The NEXT ENHANCE® feed additive family of products are flavoring compounds specially formulated to support palatability, stimulate feed intake, and promote feed consumption.

Active ingredients:

  • NEXT ENHANCE® 300 include garlic oil and cinnamaldehyde
  • NEXT ENHANCE® 150 include thymol and carvacrol

The optimal ratio of the flavor compounds helps to stimulate feed intake, which in turn helps optimize feed conversion, maximize average daily gain, and support animal health. When animals consume the appropriate amount of nutrients, animal well-being is optimized.

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NEXT ENHANCE® 150 logo

NEXT ENHANCE 150 is specially formulated to enhance feed palatability. The herbal taste sensation supports feed intake. It works to optimize animal feed use and conversion, and is perfectly suited for feed mills and on-farm applications

NEXT ENHANCE® 300 logo

NEXT ENHANCE® 300 feed ingredient premixture is a combination of active plant components garlic oil and cinnamaldehyde.